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Robots in Advertising

Robots in Advertising

Create a NEW customer experience with robots displaying your products with customer interaction.

Create a futuristic cosmic display with moving robots and interactive display screens to showcase and feature whatever your brand desires. Lead the way for pioneering advertisement.


Robots are the flavor of the day. They're cool to look at - which is a plus when jockeying for viewer attention for a product.


Robot in Shopping Mall

US Socialbots offeres different customized packages to our customer.

  1. Rental: Renting our Robots for a defined time to support special events or marketing campaigns.
  2. Purchasing: Buy your own Robot and make him a permanent part of your store .
  3. Advertising on Display: Advertise your product or service in public places. Your advertisement will be displayed in the monitor of our Robots.

Interactive: Using state of the art voice recognition software , the Robot engages with customer in conversation.


COS Structure

Voice Interaction

Face Recognition & Tracking

Localization & Navigation

Emotion Expression

Motion Control

Obstacle Avoidance

Path Planning

Compatible with X86 and ARM








Functional List

Intelligent Voice Interaction

Somatosensory Interaction

Indoor Navigation

Emotion Expression

Face Recognition

Remote Debugging

Face Tracking

Cross Compilation

VDA Breakpoint Test

Voice Wakeup + Noise Reduction

Message Push

Cloud-based Setup



Size :L 650mm W 560mm H 1500mm

Net Weight: 60 kg

Battery : Lithium Cell Battery

Battery Capacity : 40 Ah

Working Time : >10h

Standby Time : >20h

Charge Time : < 10h

Charger Input Power : AC100-240V

Charger Output Power : 24V

Touch Screen Size : 23.8 inch

Automatic Recharging :

Robot goes automatically to charging station if power is low.

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