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Rent a Robot

Robots for Rent
Rent a Robot for special Events.
Our Robots are be the highlight on any events.
One of our Engineers will come with the Robot to insure the setup and special requests.

Robots for Rent

Create a NEW customer experience with robots displaying your products with customer interaction.

Robots are increasing costumer traffic on Exhibits and other Events.

Sample Application:

Renting a Robot for Exhibitions is easy. We guide and support your step by step to insure your event will be successful.


Rental Robot
Rental Robot


Our Robots will introduce your Products/Services to guests on your booth. The Robot will share and collect information with your guests and display your content interactive on his display. He moves freely in a defined area around your exhibit.

Robots are Waiter

Waitress Robot:

Lets serve your costumer. Our waitress Robot Indego delivered drinks and food to your costumer. She interact with humans and follow her track independently.

Mo Robot


Our Robot will entertain your guest.

Next Steps...

For more information please contact us.

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