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Our Robots serving in different Industries and Application.

We support you to integrate our technology into you industry or application.

Her are some samples.

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Kindergarten Group


Robots come with open source platform, US Social Bots advanced programmable Robots advance education from kindergarten, elementary school, high school and universities.

Robots are friend, classmate or teacher.



Robots keeps patients company, communicate with home or just play a game.

Remote access to the Robot allow adults speaking with young patient trough the Robot.

Retailwith 3Robots_500


Our Robots are the perfect retail concierge. He knows where everything is located and if you like he will guide you the  product you are looking for. He displays special offers and he give detailed answers to each product. The interactivity use speech and visual communication.

Rental Robot

Exhibition / Marketing / Events

Bring Robots to your event and boost attention. robots moving freely and approaching costumer. Interacting and present Products and Services. If you plan to stay out of the crowd we renting Robots out for special Events.


Companion / Elderly Care Support

Have a new companion who support you daily life. Able to connect to other media the Robot helps, entertain and take care about appointments and schedules. He organize video calls with family and doctors.

Robot as Tour guide in Museum
Robot in Museum

Museum / Tour Guide

Robots  as Tour Guides in Museums and other places. The integrated navigation system allow the robot to move freely. The points of interest are programmed with explanation displayed and spoken from the using sound and interactive display.

Robot in Hotels

Concierge / Receptionist

Robots can welcome guest and inform about special services or products. Costumer interactively can book services or get information like events or places of interest. The Robot can show special locations inside the venue.

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